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Couple Counselling, Baldivis, WA, Rockingham WA,

Every Relationship has its Challenges

The personality of intimate relationships can change and develop over time. At times couples can feel as if they are just housemates living together. For some this can lead to having difficulty finding compromises on how to parent, or share the responsibilities of day-to-day life.

Whatever the challenge may be, coming together in a safe, secure and confidential space to talk through challenges can be the first step to finding a new way forward together, or in some cases apart.

At CMD's’ our counsellors work with couples to help them begin difficult conversations in a safe and respectful place, manage significant life changes, nurture and improve relationships.

What Happens in Counselling?

If you have never had Couples or Individual Counselling before, you may feel a little nervous or anxious about what happens, that feeling is very common.

When you call CMD's to make an enquiry or booking for Couples or Individual Counselling you will speak to one of our Client Service Officers. They will explain our fees and help you to make a booking at your nearest branch.

When you arrive for your first appointment, you’ll be asked to fill out some personal details. This helps us to understand your situation (and is required by our funding body).

At your first session, which usually runs for an hour, the counsellor will:

  • Talk to you about the importance of confidentiality. Including limitations, and privacy.
  • Establish a trusting working relationship with you and your partner.
  • Listen to you and ask questions to get a to look for what could be troubling your relationship.
  • They will further ask a variety of questions to help make an assessment of what may be the underlying issues.
  • The aim of the session is to listen and talk to you both and find out what your goals are coming to counselling.

Part of the counselling session in the beginning is to establish a plan with you both regarding any future sessions and how often you should attend.

The role of the counsellor is to listen non-judgmentally, do not give advice; but rather someone that will help you developing skills and other ways to approach challengers you may face.